We are your IT Department

About us:
IT Managed Services Ltd (ITMS) is the evolution of 40+ years of experience and lessons learned from the Directors and Technical Support Team.   We have learned that the only true constant with businesses, is that they continue to be run by their technology or held hostage by their service provider, and therefore had less time, energy, and or ability to run their business.

The old school methodology of reactive “break and fix” services, meant that when you had a technology problem you had to stop what you were working on until a service provider could solve the problem.  The result was that your time and money were being wasted.

IT Managed Services Ltd (ITMS) eliminate the burden of technology for business owners.  We aim to work closely with our customers to manage and maintain all their technology needs, while keeping their lives simple.

We are an outsourced IT company, based in Lancashire, within the Northwest of England, where our technicians are experienced in dealing with all aspects of IT infrastructure.  More importantly we are good at dealing with people and we aim to become your IT department catering for all of your IT requirements.

Our Philosophy:

Our mission is to exceed your expectations and provide a strong and responsible work place to grow the talents of our people, bringing their knowledge and experiences to the needs of our customers. The happier our people are, the better they are at what they do.

We have created a local, specialised and dedicated team within the North West to provide a simpler approach to the ever-growing demand for true Managed IT Services.

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