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CRYOMAIL and Cryoserver  provides the only fingerprinted, secure and tamper-evident repository email archiving solution, that is fully supported and managed within the UK.  With an incredibly fast search engine it allows users to find any email whenever it was sent/received in fractions of a second!


Cryomail will not only benefit your business, it will also provide a rapid return on investment.  The managed service can be added and made fully operational within hours, with little or no impact to existing operating procedures.  There will never be a need to worry if an email is lost, deleted and if your email exchange ever went down or failed – Cryomail continues to keep working!  There will never be a need for an email restore again and PST files will be in the past.

The Cryoserver email archiving solution allows organisations to collect, store and save every email and instant message in a secure, tamper-evident repository. Users can sift through the catalogued data quickly and easily. Email and attachments can be found in split seconds.

All emails are safely stored and never edited, the Cryomail archive allows forensic eDiscovery of an organisation’s entire email history.  The stored data is readily available for any need in a Legal Procedure, Dispute Resolutions, HR investigations, Subject Access Requests, Freedom of Information requests, Regulatory Compliance or Data Protection.

What types of businesses will benefit from Cryomail  email archive

All types of organisations, businesses and government bodies depend on Cryomail and Cryoserver to allow them to securely store and access important business, operational and public information.   Any business which sends or receives emails would benefit from the Cryomail Email Archiving Solution and provides many benefits.

Cryomail Departmental Benefits  

HR News – How Cryomail can provide forensic evidence


How is it deployed?

Whether in the form of a sealed email archiving appliance, hosted managed service or a software package, it provides a thorough, audited, tamper evident repository of emails sent to, from and within an organisation.

cryoserver cloud           CRYOMAIL Cloud  option

cryoserver appliance           Appliance  option

cryoserver software           Software option


Cryomail is a fully hosted cloud-based email store, a managed service that delivers the functionality and benefits of an in-house Cryoserver appliance without the need for on-site equipment and reduced upfront costs.

  • Available on a ‘pay-as you go’ basis, the Cryomail cloud-based email archiving service retains an audit copy of your email data that is hosted in our secure off-site data centre 
  • The Cryomail repository is updated ‘live’ as email is sent to, from, and within your organization.
  • The managed service can be added and made fully operational within hours, with little or no impact to existing operating procedures.

Reasons to implement the Cryomail cloud-based email archiving service:

  • No management of hardware in-house
  • Pay-as-you-go financing model
  • Lower upfront implementation costs
  • Deployment in minutes

Just as with the in-house appliances or email archiving software, users of the Cryomail managed service benefit from:

  • Fast access to critical information in response to disputes and compliance requests
  • Saving time and money by eliminating dependence on searching back-up tapes
  • Workplace good practices are encouraged by employee awareness of Cryoserver’s deployment
  • High standards of data privacy and protection brought about via: a) strict auditing of searches to ensure that investigators remain within the confines of the investigation, and b) limiting search activity to investigators without the need to involve technical specialists or others.


Please find below a few case studies that have implemented our email archiving solution.

Guildford Borough Council    

Travers Smith Solicitors    

William Ransom Pharmaceuticals   




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