IT Consultancy



If your business requires a simple set of upgrades, a redesign of your current systems, or a brand new system implementation,  ITMS can help. IT infrastructure is likely to be one of the biggest capital investments your business will make.  So it makes sense to seek independent, specialist advice before you commit yourself to purchase.

ITMS offers an impartial IT consultancy service to businesses that are planning to invest in their IT.

First, we’ll work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisations needs, its goals and aspirations and future IT demands. Once we’ve done this, we’ll recommend leading edge technological solutions that best meet the specific needs of your business. Then we’ll hold your hand right through the delivery of your equipment and we’ll project manage the implementation of your system, liaising where necessary with the selected IT contractors and suppliers.

Consultancy Projects

The daily routine of an IT Managed Services consultant is varied. Depending on the size of our business partner, the nature of their business, their in-house IT expertise and the level that they want us to be involved, our Consultancy Projects can last from a couple of hours to several months.

Below are just some ways in which we can support your business during IT projects – you can ask us for as much or as little help as you need.

  • Meet with clients to determine required outcomes
  • Work with clients to define the scope of a project
  • Plan timescales and the resources needed
  • Clarify a client’s system specifications; understand their work practices and the nature of their business
  • Travel to and from customer sites
  • Liaise with staff at all levels of a client organisation
  • Define software, hardware and network requirements
  • Analyse problems and making recommendations
  • Present proposed solutions in written or oral reports
  • Develop agreed solutions and implement new systems
  • Help clients with change-management activities
  • Project manage the design and implementation of preferred solutions
  • Purchase of systems
  • Design, test, install and monitor new systems
  • Present progress reports to customers
  • Organise training for users