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Hosted Desktop brings tangible benefits to businesses by reducing costs and removing capital expenditure since there is no need to invest in on-site servers or software. The service will improve your efficiency through remote access and high availability and remove the headache of maintaining your IT, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Our Hosted Desktop solution overlays a user’s existing desktop account and provides them with a secure, hosted desktop that can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time.

A Windows 7 theme desktop, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus and Exchange email are all provided as standard for every user. We are responsible for all software upgrades making your company’s IT future proof. Hosted Desktop is paid for on a per-user per-month basis removing the capital expenditure typically associated with software upgrades.

As standard Hosted Desktop provides a centralised storage drive which every user in a company has access to. Access to folders within this drive can be managed through the customer portal by user or user group. All data stored in Hosted Desktop is fully backed up; daily incremental backup, weekly full backup on a monthly rotation.

Latest Familiar Microsoft Software

Familiar Windows 7 desktop and easy to use web login removes the need for retraining. MS Office 2010 is included as standard with free upgrades to the latest version when released.


Enterprise Level Email

MS Exchange 2010 provides full enterprise level email solutions at a fraction of the cost.

No Capital Expenditure

Our simple monthly cost removes the need to buy servers or software whilst providing enterprise grade computing for your whole organisation and provides clear, fixed costs for simplified budgeting.

Reduced IT Maintenance Costs

A complete business solution which removes the burden and cost of maintaining your IT infrastructure.

Work from Anywhere

No longer are users restricted to accessing their desktops from the workplace; users can log into their hosted Desktop from anywhere in the world at any time, on any device – allowing you to be as flexible as your business demands.

Enterprise Level Security

Enterprise level anti-virus, anti-spam, 128-bit encryption, individual password authentication and purpose built data centres ensure the safety of your company data.

Integrated Business Continuity Planning

Our resilient and failsafe solution provides advanced business continuity planning features which ensures your business data is safe from any unforeseen disaster.

Instant Scalability

Scale to the demands of your business with our pay as you go system. The ability to easily turn users on and off, month by month, eases the strain of company growth.

Host Your Own Applications

99% of applications are supported in the cloud which will enable you to run your line of business applications such as Sage and other 3rd party applications.


More Information

If you are interested in our Hosted Desktop services, would like further information or a quotation then please contact us to discuss your needs further.