SQL Server

At a Glance

Selecting a database for a project requires consideration as to how the application will be used, expected growth, and future feature and support requirements. SQL Server 2012 Express is a free database solution with many advantages over MySQL.

SQL Server is a world-class database platform ready for the most demanding challenges. Examine the advantages of SQL Server against the competition.

SQL Server 2012 offers customers the ability to run, grow, and transform their IT to meet the most demanding business needs, and provides many benefits over comparable database products from Oracle, IBM DB2, and MySQL.

sql 2012

Advantages over MySQL:

  • Stable technology road map
  • Leading development tools
  • Affordable scalability in the cloud
  • Large customer base for ISVs
  • WordPress, Drupal, and PHP integration
  • Tools for simpler migration
  • Free, performance-enhancing features
  • Reporting and business intelligence in Microsoft Office
  • Enterprise features available if needed


How Does It Compare?

MySQL comparison with SQL Server 2012

SQL comparison with IBM DB2

SQL comparison with Oracle