Choosing IT Support


Choosing the Right IT Support Company

Whether your business wishes to fully outsource its IT support or complement its in-house resources we deliver an unrivalled level of service and provide a cost effective solution to meet your needs.

Our tailored support provides your business complete peace of mind and takes the stress and expense out of managing all your technological needs. We offer a pay as you go service designed to provide you with the best level of support, dependent on your budget and specific business needs.

accreditedOur approach focuses on issue avoidance through preventative maintenance by proactive monitoring. We ensure that our clients are provided with a stable and reliable IT infrastructure running at its optimum level. This virtually eliminates any downtime and makes sure that their IT services are always available when they need them.

Our IT support services mean that your business can enjoy all the benefits of in-house IT specialists – without the associated cost!

For a fixed monthly fee, our expert team becomes your in-house IT department. By proactively monitoring your network and systems and quickly fixing problems before they arise, we will minimise downtime, improve staff efficiency and increase your business productivity. Why choose IT Managed Services Ltd


what to avoid

What to Avoid

  1. When the IT consultant speaks in buzzwords and acronyms, don’t be intimidated.  However, be ready to let that person go if they won’t  explain; efforts to bewilder you with jargon reflect arrogance or fear, not expertise.
  2. Beware from fly-by-night, crisis-based services that try to sell you the technical flavor of the month.  They’re not equipped to look at your operations as a whole for the long term.
  3. Be wary of some consultants who present a particular technology or a single brand as the end-all, be-all solution.  It’s fine to favour a brand that works for you, but no individual manufacturer makes the best of everything.
  4. Before you follow an IT “know-it-all” who insists that you need to wipe your hard drives and throw out most of the equipment you own, get a second opinion.
  5. Watch out when someone tries to sell you top-of-the-line, enterprise-level  equipment – there are many great alternatives.
  6. Lastly,  if you already have a full-time IT employee, but they’re reluctant to explain what  it is that they’re managing all day,  you can bet they’re struggling to look  busy and afraid to lose their job.  Maybe it’s time to outsource to a part-timer or review the option of outsourcing to managed IT services.