XP & Office03 – final countdown

Microsoft has confirmed support for Windows XP and Office 2003 will end in April 2014. This opens the potential for risks to your computer systems and your business. Microsoft has produced a comprehensive End of Support website however the main message is that you need to start preparing to now.

IT Managed Services have a wealth of experience migrating and upgrading computer systems in a manner that does not interrupt you business and results in a smooth, seamless, update.

So what are the options? Well the first thing to say is don’t be tempted to upgrade the old computer to the latest version of Windows! This is a recipe for disaster. Computers designed over a decade ago were not built for today’s computing environment.

Windows 7 is now firmly established as the main business operating system. Although Windows 8 is available, we do not believe it is suitable for business deployment yet – there are still too many incompatibilities.

The latest version of Microsoft’s best selling Office product, Office 2013, is also available. We have been using Office 2013 ourselves for some months and have yet to find a problem with it.

Before deciding what to do please contact IT Managed Service so that we can look at your individual business needs and work with you to plan a cost effective and successful migration to the latest generation of Microsoft products.