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As you know it is no longer possible to store email long-term in a system such as Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, as such systems were never designed to securely store data on such a granular basis.   Also, Exchange 2013 is not officially archiving your companies emails, it is simply providing you with a duplicated copy of an email on the server, which can make it incredibly arduous to retrieve if you have lost an email.  If an email has been deleted by anybody within the company and a backup is not being performed within a certain time of day, then the likelihood is that email has been lost forever!

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Choosing the Right Archiving Solution.

Email archiving is an efficient and cost effective way to address the legal and regulatory requirements of email and business data retention.  Almost all organisations are required to retain data, whether they are public companies, small businesses or government agencies and if they operate in certain industries.  Archiving can also help companies tame email storage growth and free IT staff from the time consuming task of hunting for lost or deleted emails.

Issues surrounding email in the work place are complex, and growing ever more complicated as the regulation and legal requirements for record keeping proliferate. No matter what the size of your business, forensic compliance of email is already an issue you need to address.

It is also increasingly recognised that a company is held responsible for the behaviour (and misbehaviour) of its employees whereby the company will need to prove the authenticity of email sent to, from and around its network.  With files scattered around on the local hard drives network drives, Internet and back-ups, it is proving difficult and costly to keep an overview of files.

An email storage solution can make noticeable cost savings whilst improving electronic security and providing e-discovery services from day one for businesses.   Use of a system that encrypts data, limits access to the data, and audits any access allows the company to keep everything for as long as they decide there may be liability from any one of those email messages.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic, if you could view a copy of ANY email and attachments, on your PC/laptop/i-pad or smartphone within a fraction of a second?

With Cryomail you can…  Cryomail also enables you to have an audit trial of every single email sent or received around the company without having to search your folders or contact the IT Department even if an email has been deleted, or misplaced! It’s simple to use and has an incredibly fast search engine which allows users to find any email whenever it was sent/received in fractions of a second

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cryoserver logoIT Managed Services Ltd and Cryoserver Forensic Compliance Systems – are working partners and together we ensure businesses are choosing the right email archiving solutions.  There are many archiving products available in today’s market, however they do not provide the same granular search capabilities in a fraction of a second, no hidden costs and they are not fully managed and supported within the UK.

Cryomail and Cryoserver are the most cost effective solutions available today providing the flexibility to work around the businesses needs and is continually being enhanced making this a product and solution like no other! Click for further information on Cryomail and Cryoserver

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