Leased Lines

Lease line banner

Fibre leased lines give you a dedicated connection to the local exchange, which means the connection is not shared with any other users, unlike broadband.

Therefore, your connection won’t become slower at peak times – it is solely for your use. Furthermore, leased lines are symmetrical whereas broadband is asymmetrical.  This refers to the download speeds and upload speeds – symmetrical leased lines offer the same upload speed as download speed, but asymmetrical broadband will have slower uploads than downloads. This is something to consider for businesses hosting and uploading large amounts of data on a regular basis.

Benefits of a Leased Line

• Fixed costs – the rental charge for a Leased Line is fixed, so you can manage your budgets better.

• Continuous service – a Leased Line is fully resilient and guaranteed by our strict SLA.

• Security – your Leased Line bandwidth is completely dedicated to you. So the transmission of your data is highly secure.

• Flexibility – you can use your Leased Line for voice and LAN traffic, VoIP or normal data.

• Performance – it’s fast – low latency, minimum jitter and packet loss make it ideally suited for a whole range of applications.

• Choice – you can have circuit speeds that are both flexible and scalable to your business needs on a bespoke basis.

• Coverage – we offer Leased Line access to any point in the UK – no regions are out of bounds. Just think – if you have sites in remote or rural locations, it will be as if they’re just down the road.