IP Telephony (VoIP)

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What is Hosted VoIP

Put simply Hosted VoIP provides a fully managed telephone service to your business, removing the need for you to purchase, install, maintain and upgrade expensive equipment. Although the telephone service is fully managed, Hosted VoIP provides you with a simple but powerful web portal which allows you to configure any adds, moves or changes for the telephone system in real time – increasing the efficiency of your business.

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ITMS are partnered with Talk Internet and the reason is why we choose to work along side them for Voice Telephony products and services is due to their flexibility.  They, similar to ourselves do not believe in a “one-size fits all” approach. We both customise our solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements and this approach has been at the core of our success.   talk internet

They have been Established for over 10 years and are a UK-based operation and provide a very cost-effective and comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services combined with high levels of support and customer service.   Together we  focus on quality rather than quantity of both customers and the solutions we offer and have recently received a prestigious award for their security. Achieves prestigious ISO 27001 security accreditation

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Why do I need IP voice Services?

1.Improved call control The service is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and users can employ a toolbar to customise call forwarding,call diverts, look at call history and setup rules for dealing with important customers. For example, someone in a meeting could choose to divert all calls to voicemail – except for calls coming in from one particular customer.

2. Improved integration for home workers and remote offices IP Voice Services allows disparately located employees to work as if they were all based in the same office. By integrating them in call groups they can pick-up incoming calls – allowing improved responsiveness to customers calling in. In addition, using the remote office feature you are able to use any phone as if it were in your own office.

3. Easy to use and flexible All phones are pre-configured prior to shipping ensuring that they work straight out of the box. The Business Portal provides a simple mechanism for administrators to manage their entire voice system in real time – no more waiting for services to be provided or ceased and no more expensive engineer call-outs.

4. End-customers can keep their existing telephone numbers and access 999 Customers migrating from other telephone providers can bring their existing number ranges over, maintaining continuity and ensuring it is business as usual. The service is fully compatible with 999 emergency services and includes provision of caller location details to the operator.

5. Business Continuity If an office is unavailable for reasons such as flood or fire, IP Voice Services can be reconfigured to route incoming calls to other offices or mobiles with immediate effect, ensuring no loss of business and a continued service.

6. More cost effective than traditional voice IP Voice Services is a fully managed telephony solution provided to you for a monthly fee. This means that you don’t have to invest capital in onsite telephony systems or pay high equipment maintenance charges. Additionally you will realise the following benefits:

  • Lower cost line rental
  • Free calls between all extensions in your network – this includes staff working at remote offices and working from home.
  • Lower cost calling to all other destinations. Typically, you will see a 30% reduction in your telecom bill through using IP Voice Services.

 7. Grows with your business Services like Auto-Attendant, Receptionist-Console and Call Centre Management are available and can be provisioned seamlessly through the Business Portal as and when your business requires them.

8. Extend the life of your existing equipment If you are not ready to discard your existing telephone system you can still reduce your costs. Simply install an additional piece of equipment along side your current telephone switch to reap the benefits of IP Voice Services.

 How Does it work?

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MaNAP MemberTalk Internet are a member of the Manchester peering network MaNAP. Network resilience – Peering at an Internet Exchange Point, in addition to transit connections, provides a higher level of resilience and creates a more diverse network. We are increasingly aware of the need for a more diverse network that is not reliant on one carrier or central point.

Tier 1 Carriers
Talk Internet uses only tier 1 service providers; Level 3 and Global Crossing, as both provide high performance networks with access to all worldwide domains. IP Transit provides direct links to many of the world’s largest content and access providers and, unlike peering access, is guaranteed so customers achieve increased dependability of service. View their network





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